FULL VIDEO: The Quack Midwife


After 18 months of investigations at a private health facility in Accra, The Fourth Estate has uncovered a frightening case of ‘Matron Gaga’, an unlicensed midwife whose over 30 years track of malpractice has resulted in numerous medical mishaps, including the death of at least two newborn babies within 11 months.

The story reveals how the New Generation Medical Centre provided the Greater Accra Regional Health Directorate with false statistics about its operations.

Here is the full investigative documentary The Quack Midwife – by Seth J. Bokpe and Evans Aziamor-Mensah of The Fourth Estate.



30 years of deception: quack midwife’s shocking trail of deaths and malpractices exposed  

“I was naive” – Hospital owner regrets giving quack midwife freedom to operate 

Quack midwife: How the New Generation Hospital cooked up data to conceal deaths 

Quack midwife: How regulatory bodies failed patients of South Odorkor clinics


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