This bombing video is not related to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine



A video showing a storey building being razed down by missiles is making rounds on social media. The video is being circulated together with many other photos and videos purportedly emerging from the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In the video, a tall tower is seen collapsing after it is hit by rockets while people are filming. Fact-Check Ghana has verified the video and concludes that it is not related to the ongoing eastern Europe conflict.

The team did a reverse image search of a thumbnail of the video. Fact-Check Ghana found that the video is from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Specifically, the video is the May-11-2021 Israeli Forces air attack on Hanadi tower, a 13-storey building (other outlets report 12 or 14-storey) in Gaza city.

Residents and local people were warned to evacuate before the Hanadi tower missile attack. The Palestinian army was reportedly aware of the impending airstrike. These made it possible for many people, including media houses and journalists, to take positions to film the attack.

That explains why people are seen in the video filming the incident. The video in circulation is one of the many footages onlookers and media houses took of the airstrike.

The video is therefore not related to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Below are other videos from the May-11-2021 Hanadi tower airstrike published by some media houses when it happened.

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