FULL DOCUMENTARY: The COVID-19 spraying scandal initiated by President Akufo-Addo


In August 2020, I wrote to the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development (MLGRD) to request, among others, how much it cost Ghana to undertake the fumigation and disinfection of markets in order to curb the spread of Covid-19. The ministry responded swiftly.

In a letter dated August 25, 2020 and signed by the sector minister Hajia Alima Mahama, the Ministry said it spent Ghc 76, 561,681.06 for Phase One of the exercise and another Ghc 76, 561,681.06 for Phase Two of the exercise.

This means the Ministry spent Ghc 153,123,361 on the two exercises.

The ministry later conducted Phase Three of the exercise.

The ministry added that, for Phase Two of the exercise, there was a “variation being processed for additional cost on public toilets.”

What this means is that the cost of Phase Two was going to be higher than that of Phase One.

The ministry had awarded the contract and completed Phase Two of the exercise a month before I wrote the letter. But it did not tell me how much was being added to the cost of Phase Two.

This is not the only anomaly in the figures the ministry gave me.

When the Minister of Finance, Mr. Ken Ofori-Atta, presented the supplementary budget to parliament on July 23, 2020, he said the government had spent GHc122 million, being “allocation from Budget to support Fumigation and management of landfill sites.”

The GHc 122 million the finance minister presented on only Phase One is close to the total cost of Phase One and Phase Two that the ministry gave me.

I wrote again to the ministry in September 2020 for an explanation on why its figure was lower than the one presented by the finance minister. According to the Right to Information Law based on which the request was made, the ministry was supposed to have responded to my request within 14 days.

This and other details are contained in this investigative documentary. It provides compelling evidence of how the Covid-19 spraying projects in the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development and the Ministry of Education ended up being a waste of state resources. The sprayings were initiated by President Akufo-Addo.

Watch the full documentary below:

The Covid-19 spraying scandal initiated by president Akufo-Addo


  1. Where did we go wrong in Ghana to have such heartless, greedy and selfish leaders in this country?
    All they think about is how to dip their hands into public coffers. Things are getting worst by the day and nothing is been done.
    My heart bleeds for this country

  2. Manasseh Azure Awuni is the Nkrumah of our generation. God will protect you from these money loving and blood thirsty politicians and give you long life and good health.

  3. Why do we waste this huge amount on multiple contracts that have the object to perform the same work, with no scientific basis, in the name of COVID 19 few months ago and turn around to impose e-levy because Gov’t is broke ? Schools were closed but we decided to still spray there in the name of COVID. Eii Ghana. We need to check Gov’t expenditure instead of introducing new taxes. God bless you Mannessah for exposing the true intention of some of the people behind these deals.

  4. This is heartbreaking!
    How could our leaders be this heartless?
    You do all these wasteful expenditures and turn around to impose e-levy on the ordinary Ghanaian, claiming the economy will collapse with it?
    Yes, the economy can collapse, we are tired of this shambolic leadership.

  5. Manasseh,well done for the good job.
    Nana Addo,only came to enrich himself and his family and here we are that we can’t afford three square meal and we dying like flies.
    What wrong have we done to him……

    Fire burn them all……

  6. God bless you and protect u. I know they will try to come after u, but none of their wicked plans shall prosper. U are doing the Lord’s work.

  7. This government has wasted our resources before COVID-19 and they are using the COVID-19 to climax it. To be sincere Nana Addo is evil and I won’t be surprised that when he’s dead, he would want the money to be added to him before they burry him. Such a useless president

  8. Quo vadis, Ghana? It is a sad case for Ghana. We have to re-engineer the country’s structure of accountability. “Na who go say the truth?”


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