FULL VIDEO DOCUMENTARY: “The Licensed Sex Predator”



In the following investigative report, Manasseh Azure Awuni of The Fourth Estate reveals how a licensed health practitioner in Ghana’s capital, Accra, used his facility and practice as bait to sexually assault scores of women who went there seeking treatment.

Apart from his unprofessional and criminal conduct, “Dr” Jonathan Ohene Nkunim and his facility, Nature’s Hand Therapeutic Centre, also had three licences from a state regulatory agency that is charged with the power to sanitise practitioner’s like him.

The investigation reveals the dubious process through which Ohene Nkunim acquired the licences and the role of regulatory officials in that.

Here is the full documentary titled, “The Licensed Sex Predator”

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  1. Well done brother, I wish you visit some Health Centres and some Health Directorates how the Accountant’s and some directors are stealing state funds

  2. Good work done sir,,
    To de fake doc….
    Just bcos of ‘dodo’ u r likely to serve a jail term n ur name will b part of ex convicts.
    Whatever it’s,, ur family happiness can never be de same,,
    I believe u r not de only one on dis field n those who involved in dis kinda practice will definitely run from it or dey wait for deir cup will also b full like urs one day…

  3. Great job bro. You are indeed an epitome of good journalism in this country. I now understand that media gets results. God bless you and THE FOURTH ESTATE. Ayekooo

  4. The video doesn’t go with the story. Did u plant the cameras there? If yes, how were u able to rotate it. I thought as an investigative journalist, you could have applied to get job there for us to see the extent of his evil acts. I will rate the piece of work 4/10

  5. Why are traditional medicine guys allow to use the title Dr.
    On radio programs, they call them doctors, I get upset when I say they hear that.
    We are not serious in this country, everywhere corruption.

  6. Great works Azure. You are the kind of journalist we need in this nation. God bless and protect you.

    We should have the institution also sued and charged. We can’t continue to have our institutions failing us.

  7. Great job Manasseh, may the almighty Allah be your strength as you take upon urself to fight the ills in our society. I pray that God keep you and make you overcome any temptations and persuasions, especially when it has to do with this modern day corrupt politicians. God bless you

  8. We’re proud of you, Manasseh. Many people would have loved to be bad nuts, for your type in society, they won’t dare being such.

  9. Jonathan Ohene is a monster and an animal who shouldn’t be among human. This I believe the laws of the country should not relent in dealing with him.
    kudos Manasseh Azure Awuni (The Bongo Boy), my bro from Kete Krachi


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