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On April 30, 2021, the CEO of Aporgan K-A Enterprise, Asumbekere Karim Anagbila, got a notification that GH₵31,000 had been withdrawn from his bank account. But what alarmed him more was the name that came with the alert—David Aruk.

David Aruk is the Engineer and head of the works department at the Bongo District Assembly. Karim said he had not permitted him to withdraw any money from his account.

But that was not the last time the Bongo District Assembly was involved in withdrawing cash from the account without his permission.

On June 14, 2021, GH₵156,520 entered and disappeared from Karim’s account under murkier circumstances than the first withdrawal, this time without any traces.

Attempts by Karim to get answers about the second withdrawal from the bank failed because not even his bank statement contained the faintest clue about who withdrew the money.

In the following investigative report, The Fourth Estate’s Manasseh Azure Awuni, investigations revealed that both withdrawals were facilitated by officials of the Bongo District Assembly.

He also establishes the relationship between the assembly and the bank and why the assembly withdrew a total of GH₵187,520 from Karim’s account without his authorization.

On Wednesday, we published the text version of the story: THE BONGO SCANDAL: Assembly withdraws GH₵187,000 from contractor’s bank account without permission

Here is the full video report of the story:


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The DCE of Bongo, Peter Ayimbisa Ayamga, said he followed the procurement process and awarded a contract to two different people who presented the same business documents in their bid.
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Karim’s company, Aporgan K-A Enterprise, was used by the Bongo District Assembly to award a contract without his knowledge and money was paid into his account and withdrawn without his authorisation
David Aruk is the engineer and head of the Works Department of the Bongo District Assembly. He used Karim’s Company to award the contract without his permission. He also went to the bank to withdraw the GH₵31,000  from Karim’s account without his permission.
Baba Nsobilla Sebastian says the head of works at the assembly, David Aruk, used Karim’s company for the contract. He also revealed how the second amount was withdrawn. He said he went to the bank with the Assembly’s Finance Officer (DFO), Fawzia Moro Adamu to withdraw the second amount, GH₵156,000.
Screen Shot 2021 09 03 at 7.40.42 AM
Baba said Karim’s cheque was given to him by Fawzia Adamu, the District Finance Officer of the Assembly, who is also a Board Member of the Maltaaba Community Bank. Baba said he went to the bank with her to withdraw the GHc156,000. The above is her profile on the website of the bank.
Screen Shot 2021 09 03 at 7.36.07 AM
Felix Akwara is the Managing Director of Maltaaba Community Bank


  1. Dear Manasseh we need more these exposures to build our Region as we can all bear withness that Upper east gave birth to upper west ,but right now we are no near upper west in terms of development

  2. I have a problem with the title to of the scandal’ The Bongo scandel’ why not ‘contract scandel in Bongo District assembly’

  3. Chai!
    I am still wondering how they could do this transactions and bank statements does not show any clue. The bank manager is responsible for this mess.

  4. long story short, some members of the Bongo assembly awarded contract to themselves (clear conflict of interest) using a 3rd parties company registration documents without his knowledge & consent (fraud). after biding & wining the contract (skewed procurement

    ), some monies from the Bongo assembly / government paid into the account of the 3rd party company. in order to withdraw these monies they need to now bring in the 3rd party in the picture for him to issue a blank cheque to aid the withdrawal.

  5. Those who awarded the contract , including the amaaltaba community bank manager, should drop immediately for appropriate sanctions

  6. Good work done once again. Keep it up. God will always reward you and keep you safe.

    The problem I have with Ghana is the nature of handling issues. One can be sure that as soon as a new matter comes up, this serious financial crime will be dropped and forgotten.
    It is the main reason why people continue to commit crime and nothing can be done to STOP CRIME.
    If this story could be picked up by the appropriate authorities to do their paid job without having interest in other moneys in terms of brides and fovoritisms, that would help.

  7. I feel very sorry for this country called Ghana. And strangely the people looks on whiles their leaders siphon their money and resources at will.


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