University sacks senior member over fake certificates as VC, registrar fight over him



The C.K. Tedam University of Technology and Applied Sciences has terminated the appointment of a Senior Assistant Registrar, Dr. Michael Adusei Boadu, for presenting fake certificates.

The University has also ordered Dr. Boadu to refund the monies paid to him as salary and allowances for the one year he worked with the University.

The decision of the university is contained in a termination letter addressed to Dr. Boadu dated January 9, 2023. It also ordered Dr. Boadu to “stop parading himself as a staff of the University”.

“You are also required to refund all the salaries and allowances you fraudulently drew from the University from December 2021 to December 2022 to the C.K. Tedam University of Technology and Applied Sciences GCB Bank Account number: 9021130002211.

“The amount you are required to refund is Two hundred and Thirty-one thousand, One hundred and Eighty-two Ghana Cedis, Sixty-Four Pesewas (231,182,64.00). You may submit a payment plan to cover the full amount paid to you to the Director of Finance not later than January 15, 2023,” the university’s registrar, Dr. V.A. Ankamah Lomotey, wrote.

A disclaimer issued by the University.

The university’s Governing Council, through its Chairman, Professor Gordon A. Awandare, told the Ghana Tertiary Education (GTEC) that Dr. Michael Boadu’s Bachelor of Laws and Master of Public Administration certificates from the University of Ghana were not genuine.

This was in response to a petition to GTEC by one Joseph Weguri, a resident of Navrongo, who said Dr. Boadu was not qualified to be an employee of the University.

“Michael Adusei Boadu was unable to present the certificates until late last year when he presented them to the Vice-Chancellor. Few weeks thereafter, the Appointments and Promotions Board met and invited him to present the certificates in person. It was at this point that suspicions were raised after the examination of the certificates. A request for verification of his LLB and Master of Public Administration certificates from the University of Ghana revealed that the said certificates were fake,” Prof. Gordon A. Awandare told the Commission.

Vice Chancellor says demand for documents a witch-hunt

When a deputy registrar at the university wrote for the third time on September 9, 2022, to demand Dr. Michael Boadu’s academic credentials, the Vice-Chancellor of the University, Professor Eric Magnus Wilmot, said the continuous demand for the original certificates and other academic credentials of Dr. Michael Boadu was nothing but a display of personal vendetta.

“I am compelled to specifically ask you to put an immediate stop to the repeated memos you are writing to Dr. Michael Adusei Boadu to submit documentation from Valley View University under the disguise of following up on a non-existent request for it by the Senior Member Appointment and Promotions Board,” the Vice-Chancellor said in an internal memo dated September 16, 2022.

“As I write,” said the Vice-Chancellor, “I am even doubtful that it is the Registrar who has been asking you to write and sign such letters on his behalf after the discussion I had with him and also because it has never been a decision taken by Senior Member Appointment and Promotions Board as you keep referencing. I am copying members of the Snr Member Appointment and Promotions Board to keep them informed about how you are trying to use(sic) referencing them to achieve whatever you have on your sleeves.”

The Registrar of the University responded to the Vice-Chancellor, reminding him that the Deputy Registrar, Suuk Laar, was only performing his duty as conferred on him as the secretary to the Appointment and Promotions Board.

“It is worth noting that the Zoom interview of Dr. Michael Adusei Boadu was conducted on 27th October 2021, a little over 10 months now. This period is long enough for him to produce his certificates for inspection. Refusing to respond to legitimate letters and further delays breed suspicion. Dr. Boadu has an enviable academic achievement that includes a Ph.D., three master’s certificates, and a Bachelor of Laws degree.”

“Why should he have any difficulty to have these inspected?” the Registrar asked. “I wonder why it should be the Vice-Chancellor rather than Dr. Boadu raising concerns.”

Meanwhile, the petitioner, Joseph Weguri, has dragged the Vice-Chancellor and the Registrar to court over their appointments, stating that they are “over-aged.”

He further states that the failure of the two to inspect the academic credentials of Dr. Michael Boadu until over GHS 200,000 was paid to him shows that both are “incompetent.”

The Fourth Estate called some principal officers of the university to confirm whether Dr. Boadu had made arrangements for the refund as directed by the registrar in his termination letter, but they declined to respond.

Dr. Boadu could not be reached since Sunday, April 24, 2023, despite promising earlier to make himself available for an interview with The Fourth Estate. Subsequent text messages to him have gone unanswered.


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  1. integrity remains one of the scorecards of every great person. Prof. Eric Magnus Wilmot is a great personality. He taught me at UCC and I remain grateful for that. However, knowing very well that Dr Boadu does not genuine certificates and going further to appoint him to such an enviable position is a shot in the foot. He has simply destroyed his own track record of being a great academic. He has destroyed his own reputation. Gosh!

    • Please don’t make assumptions
      He defended the man doesn’t implies he is aware that the man faked his cert.
      Lets be careful of how we respond or interpret reported issues.

    • My brother, people don’t turn to be bad people overnight. There is a saying if you want to know the true character of man, give him power. He has been a bad and greedy person since. why should he even accept the appointment knowing very well his age wouldn’t allow that, also knowing very well that a lot of young people out there with very good qualifications without job. Salaam ?

    • After writing one memo and realising that Dr. Boadu is unable to produce the originals of his certs, the registrars should have quickly contacted the universities (UG and GIMPA) to verify. Constantly requesting for a document that is not forthcoming when there’s an easier avenue to get information, smacks of some vendetta of a sort.

      As for appointing people who have passed retirement age is nothing new in Ghana. Inasmuch as I would like that to change, a court process is not necessary. Is it the appointing authority (Government) that is being ssuedor the appointees? And what is their crime?

  2. Kudos to the Deputy Registrar, Suuk Laar for his unbended pursuit for the truth.
    Kudos to the Registrar for defending his deputy before the VC.
    To the VC, if you defended Dr. Boadu out of unconscious ignorance, you didn’t know but if you defended him out of intellectual dishonesty, then your integrity is questionable. Thanks

  3. The action of the Vice Chancellor clearly shows that he’s an invisible hand behind such ills and probably, other known or yet to be known ills within the University and therefore should be treated as an accomplice of such disgraceful crime.

    Again, proper investigation should be launched into the life of the VC as a staff of the University.

  4. what do you mean by he should refund.
    he has worked for the salaries paid him.
    was he not performing
    ???? Our emphasis on certificate in this country is too much.

    • If a sportsman wins with the help of banned substance, the caps/ awards or whatever are usually taken from them. Applying this rule in this case, What do you think should be done to a man using fake certificate????
      Paying back the salaries is the least of punishment he can get. serving a year or two in a correctional centre would’ve be bad too in addition to the refund.

      • well, the refund is enough, b3cause we are reading now is a public shame. i do t think any institution both public and provate will hire his service.

    • You see how corrupt you are?

      Will you accept fake pregnancy from your wife that’s it’s yours? If you realise later the pregnancy is not yours.
      Will you allow her to keep the child in your house for you to take of the mother and the child or you will divorce your wife for given you pregnancy that’s not yours?

    • Good. How can someone refund monies used to perform duties?? What will be made of the duties performed? if he used any fund to purchase fuel to perform any function and that function was essential to the university, he should refund the money because his certificate was fake?? If that function was fake too then return his services to him for your money.
      For the University to hire a fake person, all the governing board too must refund their salaries cos you did bad job causing financial loss.

    • Oh, you don’t say, bro! Hmmm. And, was it even stated in his appointment letter that the payment was subject to his presenting the original copies of his certificates for inspection? I don’t in any way support the man lying about his certificates, but the emphasis on paper over performance is too irritating in this country, really!

    • Good.
      Emphasis should be on his credentials only, not on his passed-paid effort.
      If the board of directors of university has so much intellectual prowess as it should over interview, inspection and employment; why would they lack the intelligence of not inspecting and suspecting his fake credentials until after a year of rederring an active and intellectual services to the academic body. What matters is: he was interviewed and was appointed for the job, and he rendered good during his time of services..
      Please, he should be dismissed and not to return what he has worked for.

    • such a stupid mindset! when the circle boys defraud people with fake phones or even those mobile money fraudsters, don’t they put in effort and a lot of creative work to achieve that? so are you saying that because they put in a lot of work to steal from people they should not be punished? I can’t believe this, people need to get knowledge and understanding in this country and they fact that the are proud to display their ignorance on such a platform is so appalling. the man acted under false pretense, why did he go through the trouble of faking a certificate if he could do the work? he should have just gone into the interview and convince them with his experience, besides people are arguing about the fact that he was able to do the work but if they smart enough they would have realized that this certificate in question was his bachelor degree and he has managed already to use it to achieve 2 masters and a phd so he is well established in academia so the question is not about his capabilities but credibility.

    • My boss, take your time and read the law of contract to know the term and condition about contract and things that will make it void and also, the punishment you may get for using force document to enter in contract.

  5. It looks like the VC is uncomfortable because he also has skeletons in his cupboard. Why should he have problem with someone doing his normal duty ??

  6. The question is was he doing the right thing as a deputy registrar when he was at post??
    If YES,then sacking him is not necessary.

    After all, many have highest certificates but doing nothing at their various working places.
    Certificates do not work, the brain does.

    How can you ask him to refund salaries paid him. With or without certificate,the man delivered a service and deserves to be paid. Okay,If he refund the money what will also happen to the services he rendered.

  7. His CV reveals how fake the things he wrote were.

    How can you be a member of the America Economic Association (AEA) since 2004 and have all your research articles published in predatory journals? The volume of sense that AEA articles have alone will have made him seek for avenues to attend and get a real certification.

  8. This so called Dr Buadu have been involving in fraud things since 2004 from Sunyani-Fiapre. He held himself as Newmont staff then and took money from my brother, that he was going to employ him at Newmont as a driver and run away with it.
    I will never be suprise hə hold fake certificates, Need to be arrested and prosecute.
    Michael is fraud guy.

  9. I believe he had worked for the salaries and allowances paid him as per his appointment letter signed, unless there is a clause stating that the pay is subject to his certificates presented.

    For presenting forged credentials to secure the job, he must be dismissed from the school.

  10. If the man had worked for that periods of time ,he is not justified to re fund any amount to the University.At.the time of.his appointment was the veryappropriate time to inspect all his credentials he has mentioned in. his CV

  11. The VC should be investigated…The registrar and his deputy did well in their pursuit for truths

  12. Mr. VC are you an accomplice or the person in question’s Lawyer? Mr. VC, do you want to be investigated too?

  13. Dear star, the issue on hand is not about emphasis on certification but rather about fraud. The guy presented himself as somebody he was not. The way out for the university to ascertain the genuineness or veracity of his claims and qualifications for the job was to demand and check his certificates. In this case the University erred by failing to check the necessary credentials before offering him the job. That may, perhaps, buttress your point for not asking him for a refund. With regard to emphasis on certification, however, you missed the point; emphasis on certification is certainly important since not all job positions can be occupied by just anybody. Can you imagine the chaotic situation where a SHS dropout should land the job of Head of Chemistry Dept of a university because certificates are not needed?

  14. If it is true that Mr Adusei forged his academic credentials, then that amounts to dishonesty with intent to defraud the university.
    Once he signed to declare that to the best of his knowledge the certificates he has provided are genuine and authentic, knowing very well that they are not is tantamount to fraud; and hence can be dismissed for gross Misconduct and made to refund every penny paid him.
    It is a serious criminal offence because what he has done is an insult to all academicians.
    Put every sentiment aside and let’s all condemn this disdainful act.

  15. Interesting!
    Knowing how universities go about their appointments, it’s quite unimaginable when issues like this nature crops up.
    Surprisingly, this reportage seems to exonerate others and incriminate one person (VC).

    1. It was whose mandate to do due diligence and scrutinize all applicants?

    2. Who shortlisted qualified applicants for interviews?

    3. What academic background checks were made before shortlisting an applicant for interviews?

    Let’s try as much as possible to dissect issues from diverse perspective and stop treating every report on media as sacred and absolute truth.

  16. I 100% agree with you bro…Mr Boadu should proceed to court over the salary refund…… I believe he will definitely win his case not to refund any monies paid him by the university authorities in all those months of working for the university under such negligence……..someone failed to do his job diligently, not verifying the true copies of his certificates but however decided to engaged him into contract for services. And he is already paid for his service provided for the university………The dismissal and the disclaimer notice is enough for producing fake certificates, i.e if it’s true… .

  17. Really he should do what refund all salaries been paid to him and afterwards what then happens to his time,energy and the service he rendered to the people? Certificate is just a piece of paper which can be destroyed at anytime but the brain ? will always remain the ultimate solution to all problem .

  18. Some times I wonder how people justify evil and crime.
    Firstly, he was employed on the basis of his educational qualifications (Academic certificates).

    Secondly, he is expected to present his original certificates for inspection which he repeatedly delayed to comply with.

    Thirdly, what’s the interest of the VC in the matter over the DR’s lawful discharge of his duties to ensure compliance to the University rules?

    Fourthly, the bottom line of the matter is, Dr. Baadu deceived the University management; committed forgery by presenting a fake certificate and should therefore be punished which should include refund. The service rendered (whether he performed creditably or not does not matter). After all, the University specified the requirements for the job to which he presented himself to possess.
    Allowing him to go unpunished is to allow impunity to fester.

    The VC must be investigated to unravel the disposition to scuttle due process.

  19. Let me first of all congratulate Mr. Joseph Weguri for novel achievement, fearlessly standing up for God and Country. You are a shining star and have displayed your christian calling. May God protect you.
    Only God knows how many of such continue to parade themselves in our higher educational institutions.
    Thank you.

  20. so what happens to those who have acquired certificate through him. in Ghana everything is possible.

  21. Why should Boadu work for a year before the discovery of fake certificate by the university authority,their system is porous, the earlier they change things the better.Why are such loopholes common in the north..Next time verify the cert be for employment,

  22. Really, the system of things in the North has ever been porous! Otherwise, was it by reason of the dearth of qualified persons to fill the vacancy that led to the employment of the Dr. Boadu, and giving him responsibilities, without seeing his certificates? It never happens like that in the South!
    2. And what was it that promoted the VC to wade into the defence of Dr. Boadu? What harm did he envisage the demand for his certificates portended? Now, the whistleblower has put his own job on the line, accusing him of being overaged for the office of the VC of the University.
    3. Well, it would look good to ask the Dr. to refund his earnings, but that’s likely to cause a lot if troubles for others, too. Like some respondents had argued, he worked for the period he held office, and probably, worked well. If a labourer is worth his wages, then let the refund be forgotten about, even though earned dishonesty. But should the stick used in removing the millipede not be thrown away? It really does get thrown away with milipede. If things were to be followed to the letter, the position of those who employed Dr. Boadu without properly examining his papers, having acted rashly and recklessly, are in the same position as the brewers who some kind of inadvertently hot the beer burnt during brewing in the then Golden Guinea Brewery in my then Region: the beer hot thrown away, and so we’re those brewers treated! Let me stop here.

  23. The actions of the VC implies that he has a personal interest in the issues of the said imposter and that alone puts his credibility on the line. He should be investigated very well, I’m sure there’s more to this.


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