Presidency orders investigation into fake COVID-19 test certificates at Jubilee House Clinic



The Office of the President has ordered investigation into issuance of fake Covid-19 test certificates at the Jubilee House Clinic, the health facility at the presidency.

The Office of the President ordered the investigation after investigations by The Fourth Estate revealed that some persons at some health facilities took money and changed positive COVID-19 test results to negative without testing. They did not even take the samples of the persons.

These revelations were contained in an investigation by The Fourth Estate’s Adwoa Adobea-Owusu titled “Fraud at COVID-19 Labs: Frontiers, Jubilee House Clinic Involved”.

[FULL VIDEO] FRAUD AT COVID-19 LABS: Frontiers, Jubilee House Clinic Involved

In the investigative piece released on Thursday, December 9, 2021, a staff of the Jubilee House Clinic was caught on tape demanding ₵500 ($80) from the undercover agent after which he issued a negative Covid-19 certificate to the undercover agent without testing.

At Frontiers Healthcare Services, a staff of the institution demanded GH₵900 ($296) each from two undercover agents and issued two negative COVID-19 certificates to them.

The management of Frontiers Healthcare Services, in a meeting with The Fourth Estate, denied any involvement of its staff in the issuance of negative COVID-19 test certificates.

In a letter dated November 23, 2021 the Office of the President indicated that its preliminary investigations had been completed and forwarded to a state security agency for further action.

The letter, signed by the Chief Director of the Office of the President, H. M. Woode was in response to a letter and evidence The Fourth Estate had sent to the Office of the President.

“Further to our letter of even reference dated 27th October 2021, we wish to notify you that after our preliminary investigations into the allegation, it was decided that the report be forwarded to a State Security Agency for further action,” the presidency said in a letter signed by the Chief Director for the Chief of Staff.

The Fourth Estate can confirm the National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) has commenced investigations into the matter of fake COVID-19 certificates issued at the Jubilee House Clinic and the Frontiers Healthcare Services.

The Fourth Estate is cooperating with the NIB in the investigations.


  1. Very Good at least this is what we are expecting the President to be doing and where the investigation turns out to be true, of which they are, Culprits should be dealt with.

    And i dont also support the force or mandatory vaccination, people should be allow to decide whether they want to be vaccinated or not..


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