[FULL VIDEO] FRAUD AT COVID-19 LABS: Frontiers, Jubilee House Clinic Involved



In the following report, The Fourth Estate‘s Adwoa Adobea-Owusu reveals how, by fraud, people who tested positive for COVID-19 obtained negative results at Frontiers Healthcare Services Limited and the Jubilee House Clinic.

During his 26th update delivered on Sunday, July 25, 2021, President Akufo-Addo officially confirmed that Ghana was experiencing a third wave of infections. The highly-contagious Delta variant had been detected at the country’s ports of entry. By June 2021, six cases had been found. Ghana’s monthly case count was rising, again.

Months after restrictions had been eased, people were beginning to get their lives back—working and travelling. The pandemic, which had become the biggest disruptor of everyday life in living memory, was making comeback.

But a health professional in the fight against COVID-19, who wanted to remain anonymous had a worry. He told The Fourth Estate that lurking under the belly of the rising cases was something sinister.

The source said he was beginning to see strange results.

“Results were being tampered,” he claimed. “Positives were becoming negatives and negatives were becoming positives too quickly,” he said. He had found out that it was not due to miracles or medicine but money.

Some persons at the two health facilities charged monies from undercover agents and gave them negative Covid-19 test results without even taking their samples.

Meanwhile, the Office of the President has taken an interest in the matter and said it is investigating further. The Chief Director at the Office of the President, H.M Wood, wrote for further information when The Fourth Estate reached out to the Jubilee House Clinic for a response.

The Office of the President has reported the findings of their preliminary investigations to a state security agency for further investigations and action.

Here is the full documentary titled, “FRAUD AT COVID-19 LABS: Frontiers, Jubilee House Clinic Involved”

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FRAUD AT COVID-19 LABS: Frontiers, Jubilee House Clinic Involved



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