FULL VIDEO: School Placement for Sale



The Minister of Education and the Director-General of the Ghana Education Service (GES) were the only ones given access and passwords to approve protocol placement into Category A senior high schools. This was to curb fraud, but The Fourth Estate found evidence that placement into Category A schools happened through a network of intermediaries that included cleaners and security guards.

We also found evidence of how an investigation requested by the Director-General of GES into allegations of corruption in the placement system was abruptly discontinued by two state security agencies.

Here is the full investigative documentary by Adwoa Adobea-Owusu and Evans Aziamor-Mensah of The Fourth Estate.



You may also read the full story here: Exclusive: The Fourth Estate uncovers fraud in computerised school placement


  1. This is what it is, in every sector of our economy. but worst of all, those of you that want to reshape society are faced with all manner of insults and abuse. Time will surely place things right ?

    • The fourth Estate, thanks for good work done. The Lord reward your effort. my son was a victim last year with this wicked human beings at the helm of affairs in this country. could you believe that my son after recording 7 ones, his first choice PRESEC was not given him. As at the time the placement begin students with aggregate 15, upwards has had admission already. This country is bleeding from corrupt politicians and their chronics. A day is coming……….

  2. Manasseh Azure Awuni sir I’ve watched the full video and am very surprised. There is too much corruption in the system. But the question I want to ask you about the investigation is that, couldn’t you have presented the names of those students that were replaced to the minister or the GES director to find those officials who actually did the replacement?

    • The students are not perpetrators. The students used by the Fourth Estate May be considered collateral damage in uncovering this rot and so it will be unfair to take them off.
      As to who they went to, the video clearly showed the ‘middle men and women’ but unfortunately doesn’t help us much to expose the ‘top hands’.
      At the end of the video, I see two IT professionals fingered. It is also possible that these could hack the system or break the so-called password for the two top officials. However, that opens up another can of worms for MoE’s (and government’s) IT security capabilities, not to have detected such intrusion at any point.

      The matter is messy but as it is in the genes of the Ghanaian, we have to undermine any system because we need to bend it to our will and make money off it. So sad!!!

  3. Am not surprised at all .The bureaucracy in public institutions making it difficult for people to access services are the causes of this canker within society.Dig deeper into more ministries and you will see more canker.

  4. please,I would like your venerable outfit to investigate why the marking scheme was raised for BECE candidates without any official communique

  5. O Ghana, we are our own enemies!
    Everybody wants to take advantage of everybody and every system.
    How can we then develop as a country?
    We are too greedy, selfish and very corrupt.
    The Fourth Estate, we thank you for the good work. Keep it up for your efforts will definitely not be in vane.

  6. What a rotten system. The rot is such that sometimes the powers that be are not willing to get rid of the rot. Where are we coming from and where are we going? Oh my Ghana, your Ghana, our Ghana. What has become of us. Thank you to you all at the Forth Estate.

  7. it shouldn’t end here, the forth estate MUST do the needful by following this matter to the latter especially concerning what happens to those arrested

  8. This is what is call investigation but not,,,,,,, cut and paste. Well done and God bless you. Even if they don’t do anything (of which they will not do) what you have done is enough.


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