“There was absolutely no disrespect,” National security minister on airport security guard’s interdiction



The Minister for National Security, Albert Kan-Dapaah, says he is shocked to hear about the interdiction of an aviation security officer by the Ghana Airports Company Limited (GACL).

He said even though the incident happened, it didn’t warrant the action taken by the Airports Company.

The security officer, Awudu Basit, was interdicted for demanding to search the Minister for National Security at the Kumasi Airport.

According to GACL, the security man’s actions had cast a dent on the company’s image and integrity, hence the decision to interdict him.

In the interdiction letter, sighted by The Fourth Estate, the management of GACL said, “You were assigned to perform airside patrol duties at the Kumasi Airport on 8th September 2022, and you saw the Minister of National Security emerging from the VVIP Lounge to board Africa World Airline Flight at about 1430 hours.

“It is reported that you approached the Hon. Minister and demanded to conduct a pre-boarding search on him in the open frontage of the VVIP which ended up embarrassing the minister.”

The Management of the Ghana Airports Company has since launched an investigation into the circumstances leading to the incident.

But in an exclusive interview with The Fourth Estate, Mr. Kan-Dapaah expressed shock that the management of the GACL went to the extent of punishing the security guard.

“I am surprised about the turn of events. There was absolutely no disrespect,” he said.

He said he hadn’t seen the letter interdicting the security guard and was hearing about the interdiction for the first time from The Fourth Estate.

“I spent over 40 minutes at the waiting room and he did not ask to screen me. However, just before I was about to board and in the full glare of so many people he demanded to search me.”

“Last Monday, an official from the Ghana Airports came to my office to apologise and I did explain that there was no need for an apology because there was no disrespect towards me by the officer,” he told The Fourth Estate.

He appealed to the Airport Company to reverse the interdiction of the security guard.

Mr. Basit’s interdiction takes effect from Friday, September 9, 2022, “in line with Article 17 (e) of the collective agreement, the letter stated.

The letter, signed by the Group Executive of the Human Capital and Office Services, R. S. Tagoe said, the security officer, Mr. Awudu Basit shall be paid two-thirds of his salary during his interdiction.

In a letter available to The Fourth Estate, the Managing Director of the Ghana Airports Company, Pamela Djamson Tettey, said management had rescinded its decision to interdict Mr. Awudu Basit.

The letter, addressed to workers’ union of the Kotoka International Airport, stated that “management had reconsidered the interdiction of AVSEC officer, Basit, following further consultations and facts which have since come to its attention.”


    • What do you mean? The security officer should have known that he was searching the National Security Minister at the open and in front of the public. By all standards of the international protocol you don’t do that. He is lucky that the Minister has some compassion for him.

    • They will not and never do so.
      Hon is not the first person being searched in an open.
      I have seen that so many times. Why should actions be taken against Basit who is doing his Job?
      Ghana we dey.

      I ever witnessed the AVSEC commander bringing someone down from the aircraft on Africa World Airlines for body search before the person boards.

    • Did you say “an ordinary person!? That makes the difference! It’s also clear that “there’ll all be a greater or lesser person than yourself”

    • So they interdicted without a basis? Why are public officers so zealous in worshipping politicians? U did not get any complaint from the minister, yet u went ahead to interdict. Good governance is a joke.

    • what’s wrong for a security guard to perform his duty? is there any one above the law? the nonsense must be stop and respect the duties of each worker!

    • As matter of fact, GACL should be proud of the office instead. They need to empower their officers and not intimidate and demoralize them. I however must state that searching are supposed to be done in a private place with a witness present. If this due diligence was not met then we have a problem.

  1. I’m grateful for the help, @thefourthestate has given this gentleman otherwise he would have just be on his way home in this critical period in Ghana. May guys continue to help the helpless

  2. But Ghana paaa, can we ever be serious again? This is what gives any ruling government the chance to export cocaine and the rest hence ruling parties always have money. Even searching Nana Addo should NIR be a crime. The guy is simply doing his job. Ahhh

  3. The officer has done nothing wrong, he is just doing his job. Did he even know the minister. Even in America, even pilots are searched. Allow people to do what they are being paid to do. Have they given him the list of people not to be searched.

  4. The minister of National Security has shown maturity and I respect him for his deep understanding of Security issues. Not even his ego will make him do otherwise. Others must emulate this exemplary life.

  5. Couldnt they have meted any other sanction other than interdiction? Asɛm kitiwaa yi nso yɛ ayidie asɛm?

    Nhwehweɛ animuu bɛn nie? Mmmcheewwwww

  6. The security officer Mr Basit was just doing his job as his normal duty. If there have been an exemption for category of people before he went ahead to ignore it. He would then be liable for his action.

  7. Just wondering..was the “pre-boarding search” part of his assigned “airside patrol duties”?

    And wondering….are Ministers above pre-boarding searches at the airports?

    Still wondering….how many more such hasty decisions has the management of GACL taken without all the facts coming to their attention?

  8. I have been at the airport on several occasions VVIP to prescribe, I have seen ministers, MPs, Ambassadors, and other diplomats being searched at the screening point, so this is not news. The security officer was just doing his job. After all the National Security Minister should be his boss so he needs to search him before he will say they don’t know their job. Simply.


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