FULL VIDEO: Alleged extra-judicial killing of NPP Organiser and 5 others



Wednesday, June 29, 2022, marked exactly a year since the police shot and killed the 58-year-old polling station organiser of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Ntoaso in the Eastern Region.

On that day the police also killed the only suspect they arrested alive, handcuffed. They shot and killed him on their way to the Police Headquarters.

Two months earlier, the police had killed four young men in the community. The police say they were suspected armed robbers. Even if the six men killed were suspected criminals as the police claimed, was it not possible to have taken some into custody alive for investigation?

A year on, there are no answers to what the community members say were extra-judicial killings by the police. In the following documentary, The Fourth Estate investigates the circumstances under which the police killed the six men in Ntoaso.

Watch the full video documentary here:



Read Full Story: NTOASO KILLINGS: How police shot NPP organiser and five others in alleged extra-judicial killings


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