“Ohene Nkunim isn’t our member,” Royalhouse Chapel clarifies, sympathises with victims

The Royalhouse Chapel has said Jonathan Ohene Nkunim, the rape suspect who was exposed in the “Licensed Sex Predator” investigative documentary, is not a member of the church.

The Director of Administration of Royalhouse Chapel, Rev. Dzifa Gakpleazi, issued a disclaimer after Jonathan Ohene Nkunim was seen in the documentary singing in a branch of the Royalhouse Chapel.  


“Leadership of the RoyalHouse Chapel wishes to inform the public and all interested persons that the said ‘Dr’ Jonathan Ohene Nkunim is neither an officer nor a member of the church and has never been”, the statement said. 

The church said although “Dr” Jonathan Ohene Nkunim was seen in the video footage, he was only a part of a ministerial team of a guest pastor who had been invited to minister at one of the local churches of Royalhouse.

“After his opening worship for the guest pastor, he immediately left the service without any interaction with the host pastor [the local Royalhouse pastor] or the leadership of our local church,” the church added. 

“The leadership of the church is deeply saddened by the actions of this supposed minister of the gospel and prays for mercy and true repentance for his soul. We also pray for the emotional, spiritual and psychological healing of all victims affected by the actions of the aforementioned ‘Dr.’ Jonathan Ohene Nkunim, even as the law to take its cause,” the statement said.

Jonathan Ohene Nkunim, until his arrest, operated the Nature’s Hand Therapeutic Centre at Gbawe in Accra. He claimed to perform general diagnosis, neuromuscular therapy, physiotherapy, detoxification, and spine straightening.


In an investigation that lasted over a year, The Fourth Estate‘ Manasseh Azure Awuni spoke to women who had been sexually assaulted at Ohene Nkunim’s Nature’s Hand Therapeutic Centre.

Aside from these, he sexually assaulted The Fourth Estate’s undercover agent at the facility and sent her several flirtatious messages and a proposal on her last day of visit to the facility in April 2021.

Jonathan Nkunim was arrested following The Fourth Estate’s publication.

On the day of his arrest, Jonathan told Manasseh Azure Awuni that he had made efforts to tame his sexual desires three months earlier and was now in control.

The Fourth Estate’s sources at the police say when he was asked how many women he had violated, he reportedly said he had lost count.

Jonathan Ohene Nkunim was charged with rape and denied bail when he made his first appearance in court on Tuesday, September 28, 2021,

He is due to reappear at the Kaneshie District Court on October 12, 2021.



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